EHS specializes in custom projects. From the initial sales contact to equipment delivery, the team at EHS Solutions provides quality problem solving with project management that reflects innovation, attention to detail, and integrity.

Several projects that EHS has completed are shown below as examples. The CAD screenshot is taken from the drawings that can be provided during the engineering stage of the project. The photograph of the equipment is taken of the final manufactured system.

The EHS project flow, described below, takes these systems from conceptual CAD to the final product, all within the EHS Solutions facility.

Project Flow

There are four major stages of the typical EHS Solutions project flow: the opportunity stage, the engineering stage, the production stage, and the follow-up stage. This process is structured to meet the needs of all clients in a way that communicates clearly, ensures quality, and delivers results.


Click on each stage below to learn more about that stage of the project:

Hopper Charging System

For this project, EHS fabricated three custom hoppers to feed a vacuum conveyance system. The hoppers were equipped with sight glasses and pneumatic vibrators so that operators could ensure adequate product flow. EHS Ventilation Sleeves were used in the bin openings for containment during the bin charging. The hoppers were filled from drums using a rail-mounted EHS Variable Height Drum Tipper with an integrated work platform. The entire Drum Tipper assembly could be quickly positioned at any of the three hoppers and also easily removed for cleaning.
Click to view the Hopper Charging System in operation >


EHS was asked to supply a customized Hopper Charging System that would provide a safe and contained material handling tool for the new continuous manufacturing, PCMM project at Pfizer. EHS was asked to customize this system to fit it within the tight work area of the raw material dispensing Pod.

The following videos provide some context regarding the Portable Continuous Miniature Modular (PCMM) project:

Bin Charging System

This project consisted of large bins being brought to a filling station where they were placed on a large scale. The bins were then filled from drums using an EHS Variable Height Drum Tipper. EHS built a custom stainless steel work platform where operators emptied material out of the Drum Tipper though an EHS Ventilation Sleeve into the bin below. The long reach from the operator platform to the center of the bin was addressed with a stainless steel transition chute, allowing the operator to charge material close to the platform while still filling in the center of the bin at the opening.
Click to view the Bin Charging System in operation >


Weighing and Dispensing System

This weighing and dispensing project combined a simple bin charging system (similar to the bin charging system above) and a custom column lift with an integrated EHS Ventilation Sleeve hopper. The system ferried material from a hand scooping and weighing station to fill the bins with quantities of material too small to be received from the larger drums on the EHS Variable Height Drum Tipper. The entire system was custom-built by EHS Solutions to ensure that the bins were filled quickly and accurately.


Bag Handling System

This project consisted of seven main components that facilitate the clean transferring of component bags: Bag Hangers, a Post Hoist, Transfer Carts, and Airlock Rail System, Cleanroom Carts, Isolator Hoists, and Return Carts. Together, these components provide a compact, GMP, ergonomic means of transferring component bags out of boxes in the pallet area, through an airlock, and dock them at the isolator while minimizing direct operator handling.


Bin Stack Frame System

This project consisted of a custom frame system which used product bins as tablet hoppers to feed a continuous tablet coater. A bin mounted to a post hoist was emptied from above into an intermediate bin through an EHS Ventilation Sleeve. The intermediate bin acted as a hopper to directly feed a weigh belt, which weighed the capsules and distributed them onto a conveyor system. EHS designed and fabricated the frame, Ventilation Sleeve, and all transition points between the two bins and the weigh belt.


Bin Filling Station

This project consisted of large bins being brought to a large filling station. The bins were then filled from drums and bag stock on a pallet. EHS built a custom stainless steel work platform where operators emptied material out of the EHS Drum Tipper though an EHS Ventilation Sleeve into the bin below. Also, the Ventilation Sleeve was equipped with a bag landing table for bagstock charging. The work platform had an integrated turntable where the pallet could be rotated for easier access to the various containers.